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Chadol House

In the back streets of Apgu/Rodeo, you may have passed by this little gogi place, 차돌집.  On a Friday night, me and “Mr. Coffee” came here on a recommendation from “MB 형”. . .  and I would disagree.

First, the location is bad!  There are not many reasons to go this far deep into Apgu/Rodeo.  Also, being located on the 2nd floor is a huge negative.  People walking by can not see the action inside the restaurant and at any good gogi place there is so much going on!  Ahjumma’s bringing you side dishes, people grilling, people cheers-ing, drunk ahjusshi’s stumbling, etc.  This place was lacking it all.

The side dish setup is different from your average gogi place.  The soy sauce/scallions/peppers concoction was a great dipping sauce for the meat, it adds salt to the meat and also displaces some of the greasy-ness.  Dipping the fresh cabbage into the hot red pepper paste, was really good, surprisingly sweet.

So we started off with two orders of the 차돌, obviously!  They charge KRW 22,000 for 130g, which is on the expensive side for 차돌.  And from the pics above, you can tell you don’t get alot, it’s about 12 slices per order!

The meat did taste good, it was one of the better 차돌’s I’ve eaten, and I’ve eaten plenty!  So I understand them charging more for the higher quality cut but I wish I had a food scale because I don’t think we got 130g worth.  TIP: use a stack of lettuce to rest the pieces that are done cooking, the lettuce won’t burn and it keeps the gogi nice and warm.

Next we ordered two of the 꽃살, KRW 24,000 for 130g.  In person and from the pic, you can tell it’s much more meat than the 차돌, so I was happy because I was hungry.  The 꽃살 tasted pretty good, so no issues there.  The only downside was that we ate the 차돌 before the 꽃살.  차돌 has maybe a 2:1 ratio of meat to fat, which is very HIGH, so it tastes so good and just slides down your throat.  But with the 꽂살 it has more meaty-ness and involves actual chewing, so it feels like you actually eating. 

And since we were still hungry and in need of more 소주, we ordered a 비빔밥 and a 계란찜.  Pretty standard fare, nothing special or bad with these guys.

Overall, I think this place is over priced, with descent food, terrible service, and bad location.  The bill was over KRW 160,000 and we left still hungry.  I feel bad starting off my blog with such a negative post, but it is the truth.

Rating:  5 out of 10.

Chadol House:  02-512-7283

If you want to eat 차돌, I would recommend the below restaurant in Itaewon (near 녹사평 station), I’ve been there before and definitely need to go back so I can write a post about them.  http://www.wingspoon.com/seoul/itaewon/chadolhouse_itw/index.nhn


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