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Japanese Noodle house – 오비야

On a Saturday afternoon, after strolling along Garosu-gil (가로수 길), “LV” and I had lunch at this little Japanese noodle house.  She is a major foodie, so I quickly agreed to give this place a try.

The restaurant is not on the main Garosu-gil strip, it’s on a side street, see picture above.  As you walk down the stairs, you first notice that the place is small, simple and quiet.  You don’t have the waiters and cooks yelling out salutations whenever people come in and out, like a lot of Japanese restaurants.  Also it’s not pretentious like a lot of places in Gangnam.  And no stupid pickles!

No pickles but you get these little crunchy, cereal type thing that is very little salted, so you keep reaching for more. Mmmm!!!  Anyway, we ordered a set menu for two people and the first thing that came out was a basket of fried vegetables; carrots, sweet potatoes, and other asian root type things (sorry I should have paid more attention).

It was perfectly fried!!!  [When you fry foods at the proper temperature, the oil should create a seal with the batter, locking in the juices and moisture of the food underneath the batter.  After taking the food out of the oil, you should let it rest so that it cools down and the excess oil drips away.]  They were a pleasure to eat, because they were warm to the touch (not burning hot), not greasy, and did not leave me feeling guilty.  And also the course sea salt with the green tea powder was a perfect way to add flavor and depth.

Next came this sashimi mixed rice, which contained salmon, tuna, and some white fish.  To be honest, I only had one bite of the mixed rice.  I was still eating the basket of perfectly fried goodness!

And for the last course we got the udon soup!  Very simple and plain, no tempura, no egg, etc.  But the broth was good, the temperature could have been hotter.  But the noodles were excellent!  Hand-made and chewy.

Considering the bill was less than KRW 30,000, it was a perfect lite lunch for two people on a saturday afternoon.  I would give this place a 7 out of 10.  This place does not try to be fine dining, so it’s never going to get any awards.  But it is good, honest, simple food.


One comment on “Japanese Noodle house – 오비야

  1. K-Dawg
    February 15, 2012

    Udon soup is def. great. loved it!!!

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