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À Table Bis – french bistro

Today at work, we went out for a special group lunch to a delightful little french bistro in Samcheong-dong (삼청동).  Samchung-dong is a popular date spot with lots of cute, intimate restaurants for couples/dates.  À Table Bis is the bistro version of À Table, the more formal, fine dining version.  À Table is rated top 10 for food taste by Zagat 2011 Seoul.  As I have not been to either place I was really excited.  What a beautiful logo!

As soon as I entered the restaurant I totally bought into the concept and completely forgot that I was in Korea.  The vintage armoires, the light fixtures, the ceramic cookware, the signature french bistro red&white tablecloth, etc.

Above is the lunch course menu.  The prices include a beverage (I got the Orangina, one of my favorites) and coffee/tea at the end of your meal.

LE CIEL course

For the escargot I think they used oil instead of butter, so it was a little bland.  Each escargot was sliced into halves, which I didn’t understand.  When you reach into one of the six foots, you should be able to pick up a whole snail and it be one yummy morsel.  But the dish was cooked perfectly, the juices/oils were still bubbling when they brought out the dish and the bread crumbs were golden brown and delicious!

The coq au vin, a traditional french dish, is chicken braised in wine.  The dish looks horrible in the picture, as it did in person, it could have been plated differently so that it’s not one color.  The chicken meat was tender but there wasn’t much of it and the sauce lacked depth, they should have used more wine and reduced it, to create a richer flavor.

The dessert was great!  Cream puffs with vanilla ice cream in the middle.  WOW!

LA TARRE course

The quiche salad was really good.  The quiche was so fresh, soft, and light and the salad did not include iceberg lettuce, so I was pleased to see that.  No self-respecting restaurant should use iceberg lettuce.

I had no complaints about the steak but the fries were amazing!  I don’t know what kind of potatoes they used but it was so crisp and the potato flavor was so intense.  WOW!

The dessert was a pear tart (not asian pear) with a bread crumb top and cranberries.  But they also went the extra mile to do a creme brulee like sugar layer on top of the bread crumbs.  WOW!  WOW!

I was extremely pleased with my overall dining experience.  The restaurant looked and felt good.  They used classic french cooking techniques to execute quality dishes.  Our waitress was cute and the menu pricing is good value. I can’t wait to try out their more formal version, À Table.

Rating:  8 out of 10.

A Table Bis (아따블루비스):  02-736-1049



3 comments on “À Table Bis – french bistro

  1. munchkin
    February 16, 2012

    Probably should try out this place! Looks nice!
    How long does it take to serve one lunch course meal?

    • yongyi80
      February 16, 2012

      The meal took about 45mins, It is a small restaurant with only 24 seats, think 6 tables of 4, but of course they will break up the tables to accommodate 2 people. And their service was on point, not much delay between courses.

      • munchkin
        February 16, 2012

        Thanks 🙂

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