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Louis Cinq – gastro pub/wine bar

On a Wednesday night I went to Louis Cinq, a gastro pub/wine bar in Apgu/Rodeo, that I have been dying to check out.  It was for another 소개팅 (aka blind date), the 3rd worst 소개팅 of my career, lets not talk about that.

First of all, I love the location!  Myself and a lot of 교포’s (Korean-Americans) hang out in Apgu/Rodeo but it’s filled with coffee shops, HOF’s, izakaya’s, 포차’s and we’ve been to all the “good” spots a thousand times.  Also, there are not many “nice” places to eat unless you travel back into Apgu towards Cinecity.  Louis Cinq is located to the right of the Rodeo Street dead-end, on a 2nd floor.

I love places with simple menu!  But not so simple that its written on the walls, a la 60% of korean restaurants.  If your menu is pages and pages long, can you really be good at cooking all those dishes?  And how can you have all those ingredients in-stock and fresh?

French Onion Soup – I was not planning on ordering the soup because its awkward sharing a small soup with someone just met and NO WAY I was going to order two soups.  But when I asked the really cute waitress what their signature dish was, she said the soup (what a bad answer).  The soup was good, not TGIF’s good (y’all know what I’m talking about!), but good enough.

Snow Mountain – the squid was grilled and seasoned to perfection, so juicy!  The shaved cauliflower didn’t add anything to the dish.  The cauliflower puree tasted good but it had no relation to the grilled squid.  Please add some color to the plating.

보케리아 안주 3.0 – I have no idea what the name of the dish means but it tasted superb!  Poached eggs, slices of jamon, mushrooms, and truffle oil.  The 2nd picture looks so beautiful!  Its warm, creamy, hearty, nutty, so good!  I asked for some bread because it was a little too rich by itself and I had to pay KRW 2,000 for 4 slices, WTF!  But it was a really good baguette, I wanted to asked them where they got their bread.  I would go back just to eat this again and pay 2 bucks extra for the bread, cause I’m a sucker!

Fat Duck 2.0 – what a great name!  Sorry for the bad picture but it was a huge piece of duck, good value for KRW 32,000.  I thought the duck leg was dry but the bbq sauce was excellent so it wasn’t too bad to eat.  I asked if I could get more of the bbq sauce and they said it was only used when cooking the duck.  Along with the duck leg came mashed potatoes, pickled onions and some mustard.

I really like the food and concept, it’s a very innovative menu for Korea, hence the name “gastro pub”.  Don’t come here with a date to have a meal, come here with a group of friends to drink wine and share a couple of plates to get the night started.  Also the interior is lacking in design and detail.  The tables and chairs are nondescript and the odd shape of the building makes for an awkward layout.  The bar/kitchen area is so big, it becomes the elephant in the room, you try to ignore it but it dominates the room.  Overall I give this place a 7 out of 10.  If they improved the interior design, this place could be so much better.


2 comments on “Louis Cinq – gastro pub/wine bar

  1. seoulfoodyo
    April 13, 2012

    “The soup was good, not TGIF’s good (y’all know what I’m talking about!), but good enough.”

    no, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please explain. TGI’s is good?

    • yongyi80
      April 13, 2012

      This is so ironic and kinda awkward that you found my blog. I’ve been meaning to change my blog’s name cause it’s almost identical to yours. Anyway, TGIF’s french onion soup is the bomb! (But I haven’t been to a TGIF’s in over 10years) It has so much cheese and very salty! So good but probably so unhealthy for you.

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