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Oxtail (boiled) – 도가니 수육

For my birthday last week, I had dinner with my cousin at 잼배옥 수육, located in 효자동, near Gyeongbokgung station (Line 3).  It’s not an area of Seoul that you might find yourself walking thru but its less than a 5 minute cab ride from Gwanghamoon.  I learned about this place from another blog that follow and I wanted to check it out and share with y’all.

If you can read the left side of the menu, your Korean is way better than mine.  On the top left side of the menu they have 도가니 수육, which is boiled oxtail meat.  Below are pictures of the KRW 35,000 order.

Some people might consider oxtail as a delicacy but 설렁탕, which y’all probably know about, is oxtail soup.  So most Korean’s wouldn’t think twice about this, but just thinking about the english translation, oxtail, sounds kinda weird.

I was happy with the quantity and quality of the meat.  Also it was a good mix of the cartilage pieces and the just “meat” pieces.  As far as the taste, 수육 is boiled meat, so most of the fat and taste has already been sucked out of the meat and into the soup.  So when you eat 수육 you normally dip it in soy sauce or salt.  We asked for some of the soup as “service”, which was not a problem, and it was superb!  The soup was so rich, think and flavorful, it barely needed any salt.

After the 수육 we ordered a seafood pancake (해물 파전) because 수육 by itself is not really a meal, it’s more of anju (안주), something you eat while drinking.  And I usually don’t order seafood pancake because it never tastes homogenous, the pancake and the seafood seem like separate entities.  For example, if you added cooked shrimp to a pizza after taking it out of the oven, the flavor will never integrate into the pizza.  But this seafood pancake was on point!  I think they made the seafood pancake ahead of time and when an order comes in they cook it a second time, thus creating one homogenous flavor and also making it very crispy!

If you are craving for oxtail 수육 and you live north of the river, then I would definitely recommend this place.  It’s probably be on par with any 수육 place in Seoul.  But I wouldn’t tell someone who lives in Gangnam to go out of their way to eat here.

Rating;  7 out of 10.

백송: http://www.wingspoon.com/seoul/hyojadong/baeksong/index.nhn


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