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Shim Yang (심양) Lamb skewers

Shim Yang (심양) does lamb skewers, plain and simple.  They have other items on the menu but nobody seems to order much of them.  I guess they do a lot of lamb skewers in China, the menu is Chinese food oriented, and they have Tsingtao beer.  The lamb meat is so freaking good!  Soft and juicy and flavorful!  If you are not a fan of lamb meat or have never tried it, take a leap of faith and try it here.

Dipping sauce – paprika, fennel, cumin, anise, pine nuts, coriander, mustard seed, etc.  I wonder where they manage to get these spices in Korea.

The grilling apparatus.  I’m not sure if it’s the setup or the lamb meat, but not much smoke comes off when you grill.  So the restaurant is not smoky nor do you come home smelling like bbq.

We started off with the lamb chops, for KRW 25,000 you get 300 grams, definitely a healthy portion.

Most people get the lamb skewers, for KRW 12,000 you get 10 of these bad boys, great value.  They have original, salted, spicy, and teriyaki, the above is the original.  Because the meat on the skewers are much thinner than the chop, you gotta pay more attention when grilling these and also the meat dries out faster.  But it’s fun for the table because everyone can grab the end of the skewer and turn them, gets everyone involved.

Obviously I loved the meat here.  The quality of the meat, the taste, the tenderness, the price, it was all excellent.  The restaurant is small, clean and quiet.  It is not as hectic as other barbecue places.  But it’s not a place to come for a meal, probably better to come for round 2 or 3 of a night out with some friends.

Rating:   8 out of 10

Shim Yang (심양):  02-545-9211  Located at Hakdong intersection (사거리), across the street from McDonald’s.

4 comments on “Shim Yang (심양) Lamb skewers

  1. Lynn Hwang
    February 24, 2012

    nice. in the streets of beijing its 1/20th the price. and u can get a botttle of liquor for a $0.75 at the store behind the street cart so you can actually pay less than $2 for a huge bottle of liquor and bunch of skewers. But i must say this place in apku is decent. great place to meet women. haha

    • yongyi80
      February 24, 2012

      I had a really bad experience in Shanghai, no comment.

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  3. Michael P
    March 14, 2017

    I miss this place to much (since I left Seoul)

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