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Pizzeria D’Buzza @ Itaewon

Pizza is my favorite food so I checked out this pizza joint in Itaewon that’s been getting a lot buzz.  Met up with a friend at 4pm on a Saturday and the restaurant was packed inside and 4 couples ahead of us on the wait list, but we only waited like 15 minutes.  It’s very small, about 25 seats, but clean and simple.

I thought the envelope cover for the utensils was a smart idea.  For the restaurant, it’s probably quicker and easier to slide the utensils into the envelope than wrapping a napkin around them.

The menu has 21 pizzas, that is a little overboard in my opinion.  And if you zoom into the picture and read the toppings, some of them seem redundant.  After a lengthy view of the menu, we decided on two pizzas and a nice cold beer.

#11 Quattro Funghi – Mozzarella cheese, 4 kinds of mushrooms, white truffle oil, italian parsley.

This place has a wood burning brick oven and because of the high heat it generates, our pizza came out in less than 5 minutes, nice!  The first thing that hits you is the aroma of the truffle oil and then you see that it’s loaded with mushrooms, great!  But after taking my first bite, I noticed it was undercooked, not so good.  The cheese and mushrooms were only warm to the touch, not hot.  The dough was too soft and chewy, it was missing the crispy crunch when you bite in.

One thing you gotta understand is that Koreans simply will not eat burnt food!  But pizza from a brick oven should be slightly burnt and crispy, so it defeats the purpose.  Overall the pizza tasted good and smelled great!  It would have been much fantastic if it was cooked for another minute.

#17 Napolenta – Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, anchovies, capers, calamata olives.

When we ordered this pizza the waiter warned us it was going to be salty but I wasn’t worried because I find food in Korea to be bland compared to the States.  But this thing was practically inedible, it was so freaking salty.  Why would you have an item on the menu if you have to warn people who order it?

In general, pizza in Korea is outrageously priced, whether it tastes good or bad.  It’s frustrating to pay these prices.  At Pizzeria D’Buzza the pizzas are about the size of a laptop, so they are pricey for their smaller size.  But I looked over the counter and saw that they were using quality canned ingredients and fresh veggies.

Although I pretty much ripped this place apart, it’s still one of the better pizzas in Korea.  I want to like this place because I can see the potential and I like the concept, they keep it simple and efficient.  I promise to come back and give it another try, I will ask them to cook my pizza a little bit longer but I will never order the Napolenta pizza.

Rating:  6 out of 10

Pizzeria D’Buzza:  02-794-9474, 1/2 mile up from Hangangjin station (한강진) exit #1



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