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Ox Bone Soup – Part 2

마포옥, pronounced ma-po-ok, is not as famous as the seolleongtang (SLT) restaurant in my previous entry but very highly regarded by those that have been here.  Both the exterior and interior of this restaurant is clean, bright, and inviting, a stark contrast to Hadongkwan.  How awesome is the cow on the top of the building?

And you can eat all the kimchi you want!

The prices here are KRW 12,000 for the regular and KRW 15,000 to super size.  I will admit, paying 15 bucks for a SLT is a lot of money but they give you ALOT of meat, and meat is my kryptonite.  See above picture, I probably got 7 or 8 of these bad boys!  They’re thick and juicy and they fill you up!  The broth also stood out because it’s so thin, light, and not greasy, similar to pho, but packed with flavor.

Even though the broth at Hadongkwan is slightly better than Mapook, and the broth in a SLT is the most important part, I give the nod to Mapook.  It’s like Ali vs Frasier, the heavyweights of the SLT game.  Yes, it’s kind of expensive, but they give you your money’s worth in meat and taste.  The whole dining experience from start to finish is much better than Hadongkwan, you are treated like a valued customer!

Rating: 8 out of 10.

마포옥:  02-716-6661, near Mapo station (마포역) exit #1



2 comments on “Ox Bone Soup – Part 2

  1. seoulfoodyo
    April 13, 2012

    this looks awesome

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