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The Green Table

The Green Table.  When I first heard about this French restaurant I was very intrigued with the concept and it was also an opportunity to check out Seorae Ma-eul (서래마을).  The area is known as the French Village because it is home to majority of the French community in Seoul.  It’s a nice, quiet area south of Gangnam with lots of cute restaurants, wine bars, and coffee shops, good for dates.

Housed in their beautiful building are three different operations.  The first floor has a small “market” where they sell their homemade pies, tarts, jams, etc.  Also on the first floor is their fine dining section where they offer course menus for KRW 100,000 or 75,000.  On the 2nd floor is the bistro for casual dining and ordering a la carte from the menu.

Last but not least, as the name suggests, they use organic vegetables procured direct from local farms.

Looking over the course menu on their website and seeing pictures from other blogs, I opted for the 2nd floor bistro thinking it would be better value.

French onion soup.  My eyes lit up when I saw the huge puff pastry bubble encasing the soup.  The puff pasty was warm, soft, chewy, and golden brown.  It was also fun popping the bubble, seeing the steam escape and watching the dome slowly collapse.  It was not your classic french onion soup, instead of a cheese and crouton cover they used the puff pastry (they give you small amount of parmesan cheese on the side).  Overall the broth was too sweet for my liking and it needed the cheese.

French Fries.  They had a cajun spice, cooked fresh to order, very good.

Chicken roulade.  The chicken was cooked perfectly, it was juicy and tender.  It was stuffed with shrimp, diced tomatoes and the same cajun seasoning on the fries.  None of the mini sides, mushrooms, spinach, cranberry sauce, potatoes au gratin, and cauliflower puree, really stood out but it was enjoyable because of that Thanksgiving dinner feel.

Pan seared salmon.  An extremely fresh and choice cut of salmon, flaky but firm.  It was nicely seared with a pepper crust and cooked very al dente.  I thought it was a little under seasoned for my taste but probably agreeable for most palettes.  The salute of spinach, tomatoes and grapes paired very well with the fish.

Chocolate mousse tart.  Extremely rich, dark chocolate crust, chocolate mousse, and a thick layer of chocolate shavings.  We needed to order a cup of coffee to balance out the taste but if you really love chocolate then this is for you.

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience, The Green Table does a modern take on French cooking, with an emphasis on light cooking with very fresh ingredients.  Both main dishes are priced around KRW 25,000, which is very reasonable compared to Gangnam.  All of our dishes were executed quite nicely and they gave healthy portions.

Rating:  7 out of 10.

The Green Table (더 그린테이블):  02-591-2672



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