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The Boiling Crab

When my coworker told me about The Boiling Crab I was so excited to hear there is a crab boil spot in Korea!  It has been years since I had the delicious taste of Old Bay seasoning with seafood.  See the small yellow sign, it translates to “American style seafood”, funny.

Came here on a Saturday night with a couple of buddies and it was practically empty, but I think it’s the location rather than the taste.  It’s in Bangbae-dong (방배동) but not within walking distance from a subway station.  The street that it’s on was all restaurants and drinking places, so I think it’s a business district with lots of people on the weekdays.

No messing around, we got the big combo that comes with everything.  $80 is expensive but seafood in Korea is generally expensive, especially when it involves king crab.  How I miss Chinese buffets in the states, never bothered to get the crab legs cause it was too much work.

They had San Miguel on tap not just Cass or Hite, thank goodness!  .

Coconut fried shrimp was really bad.  The coconut shavings were stale, it was too sweet and too much breading, could hardly taste the shrimp.

Fried chicken wings were ok.  I liked that they were super crunchy, but too much breading and no seasoning.

I think I zoomed in a little too much and I should have taken a picture of the table setup.  The tables are covered with a think waterproof table-cloth and no plates, just eat on the table and leave the shells in a pile .  You also get a fork, a bib and a plastic glove; straight down and dirty style.  Love it!

The carnage!

It wasn’t exactly Old Bay or cajun seasoning, just chilli oil and lots of minced garlic, but it wasn’t too bad.  And it wasn’t too spicy but towards the end all the spices on your lips and tongue built up and it got hot!

All in all, we had a blast eating the crab boil.  Getting our hands messy but trying to keep our clothes clean, picking thru the pile to see what else is down there, cheers-ing with our messy hands and trying to wash away the spiciness.

Come here with a big group, the more the merrier!

Rating:  7 out of 10

The Boiling Crab (보일링크랍):  02-532-7706



3 comments on “The Boiling Crab

  1. bellacorea
    March 21, 2012

    It reminds me New orleans french quarter! The gumbo soup, seafood basket.. well.. getting hungry!

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