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Mi Piace

Mi Piace is a very well-known and highly regarded Italian restaurant in Cheongdam-dong.  I have been wanting to eat here for the longest time, so I was super excited to come here for dinner this past Sunday.

Mi Piace is a small restaurant (around 30 seats) with a warm simple interior and everything was great until we tried to order.  The very young and inexperienced waiter warned us that they were out of certain ingredients, so some menu items would not be possible.  Two appetizers and one entrée I tried to order were not available, as well as the “Fish of the Day”, like seriously???  For a restaurant of this caliber, to not be able to execute their full menu for Sunday dinner service was kind of shocking.  Eventually we navigated our way thru the menu and here’s what we were able to scavenge.

The parmesan cheese crisps on the left were delightful and the olives were nice too.

The garlic bread was freshly made, warm, and buttery.

Beef tripe with broccoli, cauliflower and chickpeas (KRW 25,000).  This dish was very forgettable, small portion for the price and it had no taste besides the tomato sauce.

Lamb chops (KRW 38,000).  This was one of the few main entrées that were available and I’m so happy that we ordered it.  The two huge chops were cooked perfectly; nicely seared on the outside, pink in the middle and generously seasoned (salt and pepper only).  The green “goo” was a mint sauce but I thought it looked very unappetizing and should have been left off the plate.  The asparagus and fried potato wedge were good, I wished they gave more than one of each.  Also, I remember not getting a steak knife and had to use the butter knife that was originally on the table setting.  Luckily the meat was so tender that the butter knife was suffice.

Oxtail rigatoni (KRW 28,0000).  This pasta dish would have been fantastic had the pasta not been undercooked, it was complete amateur hour.  But the thick, rich, spicy sauce completely made up for the pasta.  Can you spot any oxtail in the picture above?  The only reason they are charging so much for this simple pasta is the oxtail meat but it was chopped into such small pieces it got lost in the sauce.  The undercooked pasta and the finely chopped oxtail are easy fixes that would make this pasta dish outstanding.

Apple pie (KRW 14,000).  Mi Piace is known for this dessert but I had so many problems with this dish, I need to make a list:

1.  It was too big for a dessert, it should be small, delicate and leave you wanting more.

2.  There were too many walnuts, almonds, and pistachios on the plate, it’s not a salad nor a cereal.

3.  The caramel like sauce was incomprehensible!  It was too watery to spoon onto the puff pastry, it just gloped off.  And it was too thick to dip the puff pastry into, I just did not know how to eat it!  We ended up eating plain puff pastry with some ice cream.

4.  How come the dessert came with a steak knife but not the lamb chops?

Overall it was a disappointing experience at a very nice restaurant that I was highly anticipating.  I don’t understand how they could be out of so many ingredients for 7pm Sunday dinner.  The service was unacceptable for a restaurant of this level and their clientele.  But because everyone speaks so highly of this restaurant, I want to come back and see if my bad experience was just an anomaly.

Rating:  6 out of 10.

Mi Piace (미 피아체):  02-516-6317



3 comments on “Mi Piace

  1. bellacorea
    April 4, 2012

    In this case, you should have said “Mi dispiace”;-) It means “I do not like” in Italian..Sorry for that!

  2. Anonymous
    April 4, 2012

    The first time I went there the service was slow and unprofessional. I gave them a second chance but it was more of the same (had to ask repeatedly for olive oil for the bread, wine came out after the first course, at the end of the meal we asked for the dessert menu but they told it was too late to order dessert…)
    I suggest you try The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo in Sinsa, Tutto Bene (뚜또베네) in Cheongdam, and Buona Sera (보나세라) in Sinsa if you haven’t been to these places…

    • yongyi80
      April 4, 2012

      Thanks for sharing your similar experience, I thought I was the crazy one. Tutto Bene is one of my hidden gems, love that place. And of course The Kitchen is great!. I do not know about Buona Sera but I will make it a point to go there, as it seems like we have similar tastes.

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