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Burger B

Burger B, a small burger joint in the back streets of Apgu-jung (Rodeo), is a good little find.  As some of you may already know, burgers in Korea are pretty sad and way overpriced.  This was not the best burger I have had in Korea but definitely respectable.

As soon as you enter, the register is on your left and the menu is hanging above the register.  They have an extensive menu besides the burgers; quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken caesar salad, wings, etc.  They also have some good beers on tap, as well as a fridge full of imported microbrews.

Chili cheese fries (KRW 6,500).  The fries were ridiculously small for the price and they used frozen fries, not freshly cut, so they weren’t any special.  The chili was surprising good but I wish they had poured the chili and cheese over the fries, they’re supposed be messy!

The Ultimate BB burger (KRW 13,000).  This is their “big bad” burger!  Biggest patty, gruyère cheese, truffle oil aioli, fries and shot of frozen milkshake.  Unlike a lot of burgers in Korea, this patty actually tasted like beef and had a nice char from the flame.  My only complaint was that it was too soft and had no chew, they probably cut the ground beef with a lot of fillers.  Also they went crazy with the truffle oil aioli, the smell from the truffle oil overpowered your senses, you couldn’t taste anything.  But if you remove 90% of the aioli it becomes a decent burger.  And the fries were much better than the wedges from the chili cheese fries and the shot of frozen milkshake was a pleasant surprise.

Ex-pats like myself would feel very comfortable here, like your neighborhood bar or pub.  They have decent a burger, a bunch of different beer options, and the staff is very laid back.

Rating:  7 out of 10.

Burger B in Apgu-jung: 070-7536-4639.



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This entry was posted on April 4, 2012 by in Apgujung, Burgers, Rating 7.


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