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Photo essay: river eel po-cha

This is a po-jang-ma-cha type place (포장마차) that is famous for their river eel BBQ (곰장어), in Nonhyeon-dong (논현동).  I came here to drink more than to eat, so this is not a restaurant review.  Just enjoy the pictures! 

The eels were separated into tanks based on size or species; big one in the top left tank, middies in bottom left, and the little guys in the right tank.

The big ones.

The little guys.

I didn’t get a picture of the menu with the prices but river eel is another expensive “delicacy” in Korea.

They bring the eel to your table 90% cooked and you just let it keep warm over the low flame.  River eel is very chewy in general and here they had a slight BBQ sauce taste.

Kimchi-jjigae with mackerel was banging!

I love 주먹밥, translates to fist rice.  I always look for it on the menu when I am at a po-cha, short for po-jang-ma-cha.

Kimchi, rice, and roasted seaweed go so well together, its uncanny.

I’m usually prefer spam in my kimchi-jjigae but good to have some fish once in a while.

Some famous comedian on the left.


3 comments on “Photo essay: river eel po-cha

  1. diydumpling
    April 11, 2012

    great photos!

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