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The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo is one of my favorite restaurants in Seoul for many reasons but namely because it has the best pizza in Korea.  It also reminds me of dining out in New York City because the restaurant is loud, there’s lots of movement, and the clientele is mostly young adults.

The entire restaurant is beautifully done, the exposed brick and wooden beams give a rustic and warm vibe.  They also have an outdoor seating area which would be great for drinks and apps on summer nights.

Absolutely love the open kitchen concept!  Very evident that the cooks are serious about their craft and the restaurant holds them to high standards.

When someone orders a parmesan cheese based pasta, they dump the hot pasta into the cheese wheel and stir around to melt the cheese.

The olive tapenade was so good!

Oven-baked eggplant parmesan (KRW 16,000) was great.  You couldn’t really taste the eggplant, it was just a canvas for the cheese and tomato sauce.  The cheese was super rich and creamy, you could tell it was high quality cheese.  Tomato sauce was outstanding, thick and slightly sweet!

Fresh clams and zucchini spaghetti (KRW 19,000), a very nicely done vongole pasta.  The clams were fresh and fat.  They warned us the dish tends to be salty but we did not heed the waiter’s advice but I suggest you ask to tone down the salt.

D.O.C. pizza (KRW 22,000) – mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil.  They are very serious about their pizza and that’s why it is easily the best pizza in Korea.  They use imported mozzarella cheese from Italy, the dough is thin, soft and chewy and it has the perfect amount of char from the real brick oven.  It is prepared and cooked to perfection and it tastes great!

The Kitchen has good appetizers, phenomenal pizza, and good deserts but their pastas and main/meat dishes leave something to be desired.  Plan your meal around the pizza because one pie and an appetizer will nicely feed two people; and a desert at the end wouldn’t be a belly buster.

Rating:  9 out of 10

The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo:  02-3447-0071, in between Apgujung Rodeo and Cinecity CGV.  They also have a slightly more casual location in Gwanghamoon.



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