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Ox Bone Soup – 영동 설렁탕

영동 설렁탕 pronounced Young-Dong seol-leong-tang, is another famous ox bone soup restaurant.  It’s located in Shinsa-dong’s (신사동) restaurant row (먹자골목).  Behind Shinsa station exit 4 and 5, there is a slew of famous restaurants or 맛집.

The interior is old, plain and very simple.  They have two items on the menu, seolleongtang (KRW 9,000) and su-yuk (KRW 35,000).  They are not going for variety, appearance or customer service, just taste.

Since they do a high volume of customers, everything is left out on the table for common use.

The kimchi was alright, a little too sour and warm, probably because it’s been left out on the tables.  The kkak-du-gi (깍두기) was terrible, the chunks were too big, it just tasted like plain radish.

The seolleongtang was good but not spectacular.  The broth had good flavor and the meat was adequate, wished it was sliced thicker.  The only thing that kind of stood out was they gave you a good amount of the noodles, makes it a little bit more hearty.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here but if I was in the area I could come back.  It’s just a no frills, no thrills type of place.  Eat fast, pay, get out.  Quick and dirty.

See the below two links for the best seolleongtang restaurants in Seoul.




Rating:  7 out of 10

영동 설렁탕:  02-543-4716 near Shinsa station exit #5



One comment on “Ox Bone Soup – 영동 설렁탕

  1. diydumpling
    May 5, 2012

    You should copyright “quick and dirty”, that’s a good line…

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