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Kogii Kogii – herb rubbed pork belly

Kogii Kogii (코기코기).  I must have passed by this Korean BBQ restaurant in Apgujung Rodeo a hundred times but never gave it a second thought.  But because the restaurant I had planned on going to was closed and I remembered my lawyer/foodie friend mentioned this place, I gave it a shot.

It’s a big restaurant, it has two floors of seating (I borrowed the above picture from the internet).  The first floor windows completely open for a terrace like feel, great for summer nights.  Most of the customers that night were Japanese tourists, I’m not sure if it was an anomaly or it’s famous in Japan.  But I find Japanese tourist to be so polite, quiet, and cute.  They want to try all the different foods but they are also timid because their palette is much different.  For example, they can’t handle spicy foods and seeing their faces when they drink a shot of soju is priceless!

As you can see, the menu prices are very good!

Standard Korean BBQ setup.

Dipping sauces.

Their specialty is the herb rubbed samgyeopsal (KRW 10,000 for 160g) or 허브삼겹살 pronounced hub-sam-gyeop-sal, and it was fantastic!  The meat was sliced to a nice thickness, so it still has some chew after it’s cooked.  Most of the slices had the ideal 2 to 1, meat to fat ratio.  And last but not least, the herb rub really enhanced the overall experience of the pork belly.  It added a pleasant herbal scent and also helped to offset the greasiness of the samgyeopsal.

Next was the 차돌박이 pronounced cha-dol-bak-i (KRW 15,000 for 120g).  Chadol is thinly sliced beef brisket and like all beef in Korea is usually expensive.  Here it was priced cheap so weren’t expecting a premium cut of beef and what we got was more like roast beef.  It wasn’t bad but don’t bother ordering it here, just stick to the samgyeopsal.

Next was the 항정살 pronounced hang-jung-sal (KRW 12,000 for 140g).  Hangjungsal is jowl meat or meat from the neck/jaw area of the pig.  It’s a fatty and tough cut, so here they sliced it extra thin compared to other places.  It was pretty good, no real complaints.  See below link for another BBQ joint in Apgujung that has a mean hangjungsal:


Overall we had a good dinner with lots of food and drinks, everything was decent and the herb rubbed pork belly was great!  The herb rub doesn’t overpower the taste of the meat but gives it a freshness so you don’t feel as heavy when you’re done eating.  There are thousands of samgyeopsal places in Korea but their herb rub really makes it stands out!

Rating:  8 out of 10.

Kogii Kogii:  02-543-4244 in the back streets of Apgujung Rodeo.



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