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Hongdae BBQ

About two years ago, some friends and I ate at this Korean BBQ restaurant in Hongdae and we fell in love!  We always wanted to come back but we weren’t sure if we could find it again and also since we’re always playing in Apgu, we never make it all the way up here.  Recently I saw a blog posting on this place and my eyes lit up!   And like Jack from Lost, I had to go back!

It’s your typical hole in the wall type BBQ with make-shift tables and plastic stools.  It’s hot, smokey, loud, chaotic . . . you know how it is.  It’s also cheap since it caters to the college crowd in Hongdae.

 I think  fermented shrimp sauce or saeujot, should be a staple at every Korean restaurant.  I tend to eat my food salty and the shrimp sauce adds a subtle flavor, as opposed to the directness of salt.

For nearly two years I waited to come back to eat the 목살 or mok-sal and finally the day came!   And . . . it was not as great as I remembered but still good enough!  The moksal or pig neck meat (KRW 11,000 for 200g) was lean because they did a good job of cutting off the chunks of fat on the ends, but the meat was still tender and juicy after cooking.  It was one of the most tender and flavorful moksals I’ve had.  We also really liked the dipping sauces (see pictures above), I liked the saltiness of the fermented shrimp sauce while my friend liked the sweetness of the red pepper paste.

Next we tried their 삼겹살 or samgyeopsal (KRW 12,000 for 200g).  Their little twist is that they leave the pig skin on the meat.  For those that may not know, pig skin is another Korean delicacy that is enjoyed at BBQ restaurants.  It is known for its high collagen content and its chewy texture.  Having the little bits of skin at the ends of the samgyeopsal added a different texture that I really enjoyed.  I wish all samgyeopsal was served this way!

Based on the memories of my first visit two years ago, I thought this place was going to be a 10 rating.  I guess during that time period, my taste buds have changed and/or I have been exposed to lots of different and better foods.  But the prices were great with big portions, good service and great tasting meats.  I would highly recommend to come here if you are looking for BBQ in the Hongdae area.

Rating:  8 out of 10.

황토골 숮불소금구이:  02-335-5793 near Hongdae station exit #9.



2 comments on “Hongdae BBQ

  1. diydumpling
    May 22, 2012

    please post something soon! i miss seeing pics of seoul!

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