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La Notte

La Notte is a casual Italian restaurant in Apgujung that this one “power” blogger on Naver goes to ALL the time.  So I wanted to give it a try because I’m usually in the Apgu area and the food looked pretty good at decent prices.

It had been so long since I had a Samuel Adams lager!  KRW 9,000 but it didn’t matter, I had to have it.

Hamburger Steak KRW 15,000.  It’s kinda silly that an Italian is known for their hamburger steak, which is a Japanese creation, but it was very good!  It was a huge patty, the pictures don’t do justice to the size.  The beef patty was cooked nicely, tender and juicy, and a fried egg on top never hurts any dish!  Also the sweet peanut dressing on the little side salad was great!  So good that I will probably order one of their salads the next time I am here.  WOW!  Did I just say that?

Is it really necessary to take and show a picture of the pickles?  When I told my cousin that only in Korea you get pickles with your pasta, she would not believe me.  When in Rome . . .

Seafood Pasta w/ tomato sauce KRW 18,000.  I meant to order the seafood pasta dish that La Notte is famous for but when this dish came out I realized I made a mistake.  So I just rolled with the punches and ate what I got.  The dish had ample amounts of seafood, clams, slices of squid, and half a crab.  The sauce had spicy kick that I really enjoyed and the spaghetti noodles were cooked perfectly al dente.

I’m really glad I got to check out La Notte, it’s a nice little find that I will keep in my back pocket.  Don’t come here for a blind date!  It’s more like Sunday dinner with family or friends, not trying to impress anyone with service or atmosphere, just trying to eat a good “homestyle” meal.  I will definitely come back to order the Seafood Stew or 해물찜 (KRW 22,000), that comes in a large skillet with mussels, crab, slices of squid and penne pasta with lots of broth.

Rating:  7 out of 10.

La Notte (라노떼):  02-514-5007 in Apgujung behind Cinecity CGV.



One comment on “La Notte

  1. Kyu Chul Jang
    June 21, 2012

    One of my favorite. You should try 해물찜 next time.

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