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Gwanghamoon House – Kimchi-jjigae

One of the first 맛집 (famous restaurant) that I experienced in Korea was this hole in the wall kimchi-jjigae place in Gwanghamoon.  It’s very famous, super small, and extremely difficult to find.  I wish I had taken a picture of the inside but it would have been awkward to the other patrons since its so small, maybe 4 tables/16 seats total.

Their entire menu: bowl of rice KRW 1,000, plain tofu KRW 2,000, rolled egg omelette KRW 5,000, pork kimchi stir-fry KRW 10,000, and kimchi-jjigae KRW 7,000.  Obviously they raised the price on the kimchi-jjigae, LOL!

The side dishes were pathetic.

The rolled egg omelette was decent, they give you soy sauce by default but you can ask for ketchup.

The kimchi-jjigae is very big for the price but it did not taste good.  They used kimchi that was not fully seasoned (trying to save on costs) and added too much water.  The pork was mostly fat and had a strong smell, meaning they are using very low-grade meat.  The stew had no flavor and the smell from the meat was off-putting.

On my first visit 2 1/2 years ago I thought the food was bad but since it’s so famous I thought I was the crazy one.  After my second visit, now I believe in myself and I don’t understand why so many people made this place famous.  Also it’s not a very clean restaurant, which is an essential quality for any establishment, small or big. 

Rating:  4 out of 10.

광화문집 (Gwanghamoon House):  02-739-7737 behind the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (good luck finding the place).



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