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하모 – eel bbq

My buddy Steve was raving about this eel bbq restaurant 하모 (pronounced ha-mo) in Cheongdam-dong, so we made a trip out there and it was quite and experience!

The top tank is the river eels and the sea/ocean eels are the bigger darker ones in the bottom two tanks.  See below link for my photo essay on a river eel drinking spot:


This is the medium size KRW 45,000.  The eel was gutted, cleaned, and cut into pieces.  No seasoning, no sauce.

This was my first time eating eel in this fashion and it was amazing.  If you are thinking about the eel with the teriyaki sauce that is prevalent in Japanese sushi, this is totally different.  The texture is soft and creamy.  The taste is very clean, non-fishy, almost buttery.  You dip the eel in some rock salt or red pepper taste if you want a spicy kick.  And it matches so perfectly with soju!!!  It’s more of an “anju” than a meal but since the eel is pretty meaty, it is also filling.

Spicy fish roe stew KRW 19,000.  It was huge and it had so many roe sacs!  I am a big fan of fish roe stew, it’s spicy and its very hearty.  Yeah, roe sacs don’t look very appetizing but I really like the taste and texture.

The eel bbq was great, it was a taste and texture that I have never experienced before.  The meat was so creamy and had such a clean taste that it became a canvas for either the rock salt, the red pepper paste, or the soju.  I will definitely go back to eat the eel bbq and also try out the other items on the menu.

Rating:  9 out of 10.

하모:  02-540-2376 in Cheongdam-dong



2 comments on “하모 – eel bbq

  1. Dr. Joseph Chaiwhan Kim
    February 21, 2013

    I love eating eel as a sushi dish or when it’s on top of rice. This looks delicious too!

  2. Sam.A
    March 8, 2016

    Hi. May I ask, Where in Cheondamdong? How to get there?

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