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부산 양곱창 – beef intestines bbq

부산 양곱창 is a very famous beef intestine bbq restaurant in Yeoksam-dong.  I assume the lady in the picture and her recipe originates from Busan (부산) the southern port city of Korea.  Most beef intestine (곱창 or gopchang) bbq restaurants in Seoul use a spicy vinegar marinade but this place uses a minced garlic and oil mixture.

They keep the menu and interior simple.

Dipping sauces.

Hard boiled quail eggs.

Cold soybean sprout soup.

The bloody red cubes are one of the 4-parts of the cow’s intestines, this was given as service.

대창 (dae-chang) or the large intestines (KRW 24,000) are the fat tube-shaped ones on the top left.

양창 (yang-chang) or the small intestines  (KRW 26,000) are the flat rectangular shaped ones on the bottom right.

The red strip which tastes similar to liver, is another one of the 4-parts of the intestines, given as service.

Lastly, you can see the mound of minced garlic mix in the foreground of the picture.

The 대창 (dae-chang) are the tubes in the middle of the grill.  They are extremely high in fat and definitely not healthy for you.  They are soft, chewy, and have a creamy texture.  This is my favorite part and it tastes like meat dipped in butter!

The 양창 (yang-chang) are the pieces on the edges of the grill that look like grilled chicken breast.  The small intestines are high in protein with little fat, so they are actually healthy for you.  They are very chewy, almost cartilage like.

Almost ready to rock!

된장찌게 or soybean paste soup KRW 4,000.

양김치붂음밥 or kimchi fried rice KRW 7,000.  It was as good as it looks in the pictures!

The meat was very fresh and chewy, which are an essential qualities for gopchang.  The menu prices are fair and the portions are healthy.  This was my first experience with the minced garlic marinade and it was not bad.  However, I prefer the vinegar based marinade because it helps to offset the greasiness of the meat.

This is the 3rd gopchang bbq restaurant I blogged about and I would rate 양미옥 and 연타발, 1a and 1b, and this place a close 2nd.

Rating:  8 out of 10.

부산양곱창:  02-554-7780 across the street from the Renaissance Hotel in Yeoksam-dong.



4 comments on “부산 양곱창 – beef intestines bbq

  1. Juls Anne
    October 19, 2012

    Intestines? Really the small and big one? OHMY!

  2. Kristine
    November 2, 2012

    Thank you for this blog i get to try this awesome food! I went last night looking for this place, wasn’t exactly across renaissance, and it’s an alley, got lost. It was worth finding it, i’m a tourist and i was so amazed how packed it is with koreans we had to wait 20 mins to get our seat. No wonder why it’s packed!

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  4. Hafeezur
    January 14, 2017

    My name is Hafeez from India and I had been seoul last year. I ‘m contacting you on behalf of Faizan international. I would like to inquire about one of products, Beef large intestine which (gopchang) is part of Korea’s culture and history and the most popular dishes served at Norumok are large intestines.

    I would like to have an idea about the buyer who are importing in korea. I appreciate if you could enlighten me on finding buyers in korea. I look forward to your response.
    Best Regards

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